Monday, February 27, 2012

Words to Live By

Last weekend I attended a conference and heard Dr. Red Duke speak.  Dr. Duke is in his mid-80s and has had a prolific career as a trauma surgeon.  He's quite a character and a true Texan.

In his talk last weekend, he offered a bit of advice to everyone, and it's worth sharing at least a summary of what he said.

Do something nice for someone every day.
Read an hour a day of something.
It's never too late to start stretching.
Admit when you're wrong.
Always read the directions.  
Always ask for directions when you're lost.
Using simple words like "please" and "thank you" will serve you well.
Pay attention to everyone who works around you.
Touch old people more often because they don't get enough human touch.
Don't be afraid to show your tears.
Say your prayers.
Laugh.  And if you think you don't have anything to laugh about, look in the mirror.

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  1. I love this - thanks for sharing :)