Friday, February 3, 2012

Commuting Dos and Dont's

I have a 30 - 45 minute drive to work every weekday. Sometimes it's longer if there's a drop or 2 of rain. As we inch along, I'm sure we look like a mindless herd of drones heading to our separate destinations full of email and meetings and projects.

That 30 minutes in the car can set the tone for the whole day.  Occasionally, something happens that just really irks me.  I wish I could give everyone a list of Dos and Don'ts for Commuting.  In addition to not picking your nose AND THEN INSPECTING YOUR FIND (ew gross), it would include these gems.

Do crank up that classic rock station on your satellite radio. I enjoy watching you make that silly face while belting out "More Than A Feeling" in your Toyota. And who knows, we may be moving slow enough that blasting Journey out of your sun roof may inspire a flash mob on the freeway.

Don't turn up your sub-woofer thingy blasting that "thump thump thump" to everyone around you. We all most likely have a headache already and don't need any angry rap or metal music to make it worse.

Do use your blinkers.  Use your blinkers, people!  At least give us some warning before you cut someone off.

Don't leave your blinkers on for miles.  And miles.  I am one of those people that will let you in my lane if you signal, so if you leave your blinker on, it really annoys me.  Do you need over?  Did you forget the blinker is on?  What's going on?

Do give me a courtesy wave (with all of your fingers, thank you) when I let you in.  It's just good manners and for some reason I am annoyed when people don't do this.

Don't put your makeup on while your driving.  I WILL laugh at you when you smear it across your face trying to avoid the car that suddenly stopped in front of you.

Do you use your pay attention to traffic around you.  It's amazing the accidents you can avoid just by PAYING ATTENTION!

Don't tailgate.  This will just guarantee that I will slow down even more.

And finally, Do smile and wave at all your fellow commuters.  They will think you are crazy, but it will almost guarantee you a wide berth all the way to your destination and a much better day.

This is a good start.  Maybe Monday I'll have a few additions.

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