Friday, February 17, 2012

Jenny from The Blog(gess)

That's a stuffed weasel.  Her name is Juanita.  She belongs to Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess who is one of the funniest women I've seen or read.  She's up there with Tina Fey for me and I heart Tina a lot.

Jenny, The Bloggess, is a very busy writer, with several other blogs and a new book coming out in April (I've already pre-ordered a copy).  Her posts are about her daily life, so it's that much funnier because it's true.   Check her out if you haven't before.  I recommend starting with this post from a year or so ago:  (When I made Bill read it he laughed then looked me straight in the eye and said,"Don't you dare go buy a 5 foot metal chicken.")

Secretly (or not so secretly) I wish I could make a living writing like her.

Back to Juanita...

I think she's kinda cool in a very creepy way.  The Bloggess shared this PG version of the picture so followers can make up their own caption/quote/meme.  What do you think she's saying/doing thinking?

Here's mine:


  1. Too funny. I'm a new follower. Please come by and follow me also. Thanks. Linda

  2. Very funny!!!! Love your blog. I'm a new follower too. Please stop by and say hi.

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I'm following both of you now.