Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun with Scissors

"I want to make a Valentine-heart-wreathy-craft thingy."  Heather blinks at me then says, "Um...ok."  I'm not surprised she's a bit suspicious.  Because (and I may have mentioned this before)....

I.  Don't.  Craft.

But, lots of things I didn't do before have changed over the past year or two, so why not give some sort of crafty decoration thing a try.

Once I convince Heather that I am, in fact, serious about doing this, she is all on board.

Heather:  "I'm going to get supplies!"

Me:  "How much do money do you need?"

Heather:  "Oh no...This one's on me.  It will be worth it just to watch."

As usual, any endeavor that the two of us embark on is rarely simple.  The first update from Heather comes by text message.

"Bad news.  Styrofoam heart wreath is on backorder."

I blame Pinterest for this rush on styrofoam heart-shaped wreaths since that's where I found this crafty idea thing.

But Heather is not discouraged from making my dreams of crafting come true.  After a few phone calls, heart-shaped styrofoam wreaths are found.  I pick that up, along with some red felt and straight pins from her.

"Use a soup can to make your circles on the felt to cut out," she says.  I nod my head like I have a clue.

After decorating my Valentine's tree on Saturday, I decide that Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time to start my brand new crafting project.

For point of reference, here is what it's supposed to look like, and a link to the instructions in case you want to do your own...

With coffee in hand, I gather up the supplies from Heather.

Then I remember the "use a soup can" tip and already I'm confused, so I text Heather.

Me:  "What kind of soup am I supposed to use for the wreath?"

Heather:  "Any flavor will do of a regular can, not a big can."

Me:  "So regular not chunky?  What about a vegetable can?"

Heather:  "Any CAN will do!"

This is a relief.  I've made queso to snack on for the game so the "which can" dilemma is solved.

As Bill snores in his recliner and my daughter tries to get into the dog food for a snack, I begin cutting circles...and more circles...and more circles.  Finally I think I have pretty good amount of circles to start folding and pinning to the wreath.

Yes, that is my coffee getting cold.

I'm about half-way through when Heather sends another text:

"Are you cutting circles or still trying to decide which can to use?"

I ignore her.

After pinning circles all around the styrofoam wreath, I take a picture and send it to Heather for approval.

"It's not done yet.  You have to fill it all in...all the way around so now white shows."

Deep sigh.

More pinning.  And then...voila!

Silly little thing took 3 hours to do and for a non-crafter, I would say it was easy to do.  I'm happy to report that no one was injured, and my daughter did not eat dog food for a snack.

Maybe I will find a St. Patrick's Day craft for next month....


  1. It looks great and I can totally see this interaction be between the two of your taking place, too funny!

  2. Good job! You are crafty! Believe!

  3. Thanks, Janet. This time I was just good at following directions.