Sunday, February 12, 2012

As Seen On TV

I broke some hearts the other day when I posted on my Facebook wall, "free pajama jeans to everyone who follows my blog."

I was kidding.  But apparently, several of my friends were disappointed that I was not giving away PajamaJeans.

I was relieved, however, to know that I am not the only one who secretly wants a pair of PajamaJeans.  Who doesn't want to wear something that "feels like sleepwear but looks too good to keep under the covers"?

And you know what?  There are a whole lot of other infomercial and 'as seen on TV' products that I have secretly wanted.

The Clapper

I could use this like right now.  The TV is on and the remote is way over there.

Sham Wow

I want to buy one just because the dude is so awesome.  Also, I would like to yell, "Get the Sham Wow!" whenever something was spilled.  And don't forget the free second set!  That's a lot of Sham Wow!


If you could see a picture of my hair in high school (late 80s), then you might not think the Bumpit is so bad.


You know, for just a bang trim.


Oh wait...I have one already!

There are so many other infomercials and 'as seen on TV' products that are classics.  Life Alert, anyone?  Sweatin' to the Oldies?  Tony Little's Gazelle?  PedEgg?  What are your favorites?

I really think that some day I'm going to have a Christmas party gift-exchange.  The rule will be that the gifts have to be something from an 'as seen on TV' commercial.  Put me down for an all edges brownie pan!

So...what products have you ordered late at night after watching the infomercial or bad commercial?  Did it work?


  1. So my brothers were out of high school before they had a hair cut that wasn't with a flowbe. My dad went through 2 of them throughout my childhood. Firemen would come over for hair cuts, it was hilarious.

    I totally want a bumpit and debate it everytime I see them at Walmart.

    Hubs has asked several times about the Clapper.

    and I'm pretty sure I'll eventually have to get a pair of Pajama jeans:)

    you're on my blog today:)

  2. I secretly have always wanted an "all edges" brownie pan, too. The person who invented that has got to be a genius!