Sunday, May 27, 2012

Let's Dust This Off

This blog has gotten a bit dusty, hasn't it?

Like so many other people, my world has been incredibly busy, school, kiddo, travel, the usual.  I've had many thoughts, topics, and recent events lately to blog about, but just didn't have the time to write.

I still don't have a lot of time to pontificate or expound or regale you with tales of the mundane (I can, however, try to impress you with big words), but here are a few of the recent things that have crossed my mind lately...

I just spent a week on the Texas coast with my family.  We haven't taken a vacation in over 3 years.  I made a solemn vow to never let that happen again.

I tried hot vinyasa yoga and loved it!  Now I'm obsessed with finding a studio to practice more and think I found one.

I finished the C25K program.  It took me 12 weeks to complete an 8 week program...but still, I finished it.   I am still incredibly slow.

Being a patient in the healthcare system is scary.

I wasn't aware that parenting had become an extreme competitive sport.  ("Are You Mom Enough?"  Really???)

Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, is hysterical and I love her book Let's Pretend This Never Happened.

I am about to start another semester of grad school, and I really have no idea why, other than I feel a need to finish my MPA degree.

I've taken a new project at work that I'd really like to write about, which pretty much goes against what I said I said I would never write about in a blog.  (For those of you who know me, yes...I could write some very entertaining and even educational stories that are work-related, but have made a conscious effort not to.  Oh the dilemma.)

Oh...and one last husband confessed that the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz have freaked him out since he first saw it as a kid and he's not a fan of my Flying Monkey Security guard.  I guess I need to find him a new home.

Happy summer!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Power of B

Before my daughter was born, we were blessed with many friends who gave us precious gifts. Handmade blankets, personalized onesies, a Tiffany piggy bank, adorable stuffed animals. I bought my own share of soft blankets and teddy bears, anticipating that one day one these things would be It.

You know what It is. It is the one object a child latches on to for security. More than likely we all had our own It when we were wee little ones. I had a thing for stuffed animals.

My daughter, who rejected pacifiers and thumb sucking, has finally chosen her It.

It's name is actually B. B was a gift from someone who, while being very thoughtful in giving us this soft fluffy blanket, had no idea how important this little piece of cloth would become. B is vital to bedtime rituals. B has magical healing powers. And B makes my girl smile and giggle.

Therefore B wields a lot of power.

I may be a first-time mom, but I've been around enough to know that blankies, loveys, Its and Bs take a beating. They get dirty. They get torn. They get lost. That same B that makes my girl smile and giggle will elicit blood curdling cries and epic tantrums if it is nowhere to be found. So far we've been lucky that she doesn't insist on leaving the house with it...yet. And I'm not interested in tempting fate.

So I set out to find a backup B. I struck out at Babies R Us, Target, Kohl's, and then turned to the Internet. There's no tag on it so my initial search was "pink baby blanket with bear". Do you know how many freaking pink baby blankets with bears there are? I finally found a picture that matched B exactly and got the brand name and searched for a place to get one. I found one...exactly one, on eBay.

And with a couple of clicks I purchased this one B without a second thought, possibly risking identity theft or credit card fraud. Because that is the power of B.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bad News/Good News

So I have bad news and good news.

Bad news: I didn't lose 7 pounds by May 1st.
Good news: I did lose 4.6 pounds.

I can live with that. That falls within the recommended 1 pound per week weight loss.

I also have not had a cupcake since the end of March.

Based on what I learned this past month about what's working and not working for me, my goal for May is to lose 5 pounds by June 1st. Slow and steady wins the race.

And speaking of race...I have a C25K Program update coming soon. Leave it to me to take 12 weeks to complete an 8 week program.

But first, off to write a 10 page final exam paper.

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