Friday, February 3, 2012

My Most Awesome Holiday Tree

Christmas 2011.  We had some problems with our old Christmas tree.  One night Bill said he was going to Lowe's for something or other, so I said, "Hey, while you're there, see if they have a slim pre-lit tree to replace our other one."  He nodded his head and off he went.

About an hour later, he returns.  With a tree.  It is neither slim nor pre-lit, but apparently it was "on sale."  Right on.  I put the decorations on it, presents under it.  Christmas was celebrated and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  After the first of the year, it's time to put all of the Christmas gear away.  I pack away all of my Santas, all of my stockings (don't ask me how many we have), and all of the tree decorations.  Then...

Me:  "Ok, honey.  Can you take the tree down and put it away?"

Bill:  Awkward silence.  Then, "I don't have anything to put it away in."

Me:  "Where's the box?"

Bill:  "There is no box.  It was on sale.  I took it straight off the display and put in in the back of my truck."

Me:  "When I asked you to 'look' for a tree, did you just panic and buy whatever they had?"

Bill:  "Pretty much...yeah."

I have this habit of making Bill feel like he has to bring something home when I tell him to go look for something.  I'm sure that has something to do with the 'hunter-gatherer' something or other.  Anyway...

So we have this clearance Christmas tree with no storage box.  Not a problem.  I'll just go get a Christmas tree storage bag or box.

That was January.  It's now February and this is still in my living room.

Yes, that is our Christmas tree.  Have you read my earlier posts about how easily distracted and lazy I am?

We still don't have anything to store the thing in, but I thought, "Why even take it down?  Why does it have to be a Christmas tree?  Why can't it be a Holiday tree?"

And with that I was off to the crafty store, and for the same cost as a tree storage bag, I purchased decorations and now we have this:

Isn't it awesome?  It needs a tree topper.  And probably some lights.  But now it's my Holiday tree.  For now it's a Valentine's tree.  Next month it will be a St. Patrick's tree.  Then Easter, and so on.  Before you know it, it will be Christmas again and my tree will already be up!


  1. Thanks, although I'm not sure my husband is going to go for a year-round tree!