Friday, March 30, 2012

Closet Meltdown Syndrome

We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary last Sunday.  12 difficult and glorious and awesome years together.  One day I will write a really fantastic post about my husband and me.  It's an epic story still in progress.

This, however, is not that post.

This is about Closet Meltdown Syndrome.  Unless you are Giselle or some other beautifully gifted person, you are familiar with Closet Meltdown Syndrome.

My latest CM happened the day of our anniversary.  We had plans to go to a nice dinner.  It's officially spring/summer here in central Texas - warm weather and sunny skies.

That means no more sweaters, jackets, and boots.

That means short-sleeves, tank tops, skirts, shorts and basically stuff that shows more skin.

That means a guaranteed CM.

A CM episode usually goes like this:

  • enter the closet to search for that perfect outfit for <insert name of event>
  • *perfect outfit means the one that makes you look 20 pounds thinner and 10 years younger
  • sigh deeply as you sort through the closet full of unacceptable clothes
  • try on outfits with great skepticism that it will work
  • throw unacceptable clothes in a pile
  • stomp and sulk and whine about whatever imperfection you think you have, but probably don't
  • swear that you are starting a new diet/exercise plan the very next day
And that is Closet Meltdown Syndrome.  


  1. I hate those! But they get worse when your kid wants to go to the pool ... !

    Hope your dinner ended up amazing. Happy Anniversary

  2. Ugh! The pool... We had a wonderful anniversary, and it really didn't matter what I was wearing. Thanks!