Saturday, March 3, 2012


I have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google+, and now Pinterest.  I use Facebook almost exclusively (not many of my friends are on Twitter).

I don't get Pinterest!  As best as I can tell, you basically roam the internet, see something shiny that makes you say, "ooohhh I like that" and you click on the picture to save it for yourself...and about 10 million other people.  It reminds me of getting the store catalogs when I was little and cutting out pictures of the stuff I wanted for Christmas.

Pinterest, however, is becoming the hot new social networking site.  There are 10.4 million users and that number is rapidly growing.  And 80% are women.  And the top interests are crafts, gifts, interior design and fashion.  Wait.  I'm starting to see why I don't get Pinterest.  Anyway...

I need a Pinterest for Dummies book.  (I'm only kidding...please don't order me the book from Amazon.  Yes, there really is one.)  I don't see how a bazillion random pictures is social networking.  There is status update, no Tweet...just pictures.

And then there are other things that annoy me about Pinterest.  I had to be 'invited' to set up an account, giving this impression of some sort of exclusive club.  But then there is no privacy, so any random person of the gazillion people on Pinterest can 'follow' your business.  Great.  One more place where stalkers can find me.

But because Pinterest is the hot new thing, and because 80% of my kind are into it, and because everyone in the world will be using it, I will plod along and try to embrace pinning.  If you are following me there, I apologize.  I have no idea what I am doing.


  1. heather, aka prettyneatoMarch 5, 2012 at 9:15 AM

    Funny story? I found you from Pinterest. I think it was your heart wreath that pulled me in and then I saw Juanita and knew you had to be cool :)

  2. Ha! Juanita is cool...the verdict is still out on me. Thanks for visiting!