Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Think Positive

I'm sort of addicted to www.TED.com.  I've seen some pretty fascinating and inspiring stories from some of the talks there.  Today I watched one from Shawn Achor that challenged the idea that success creates happiness.  I think many of us understand at some level that being successful doesn't create happiness.  That's not a new concept, although we behave differently by always trying to achieve something to be satisfied.  Achor says that his research shows that people are more productive, more creative and learn better when positive than when stressed or negative.  Sales increase over 30%.  Doctors are 19% more efficient and accurate.

What I found most interesting were his recommendations for how to train your brain to become more positive.  He identifies 5 different things you can do for 21 consecutive days that can rewire your brain to be more positive, and therefore make you more productive, a better learner and less stressed.

  • 3 Gratitudes - write down 3 different things you are thankful for every day
  • Journaling - write about at least one positive thing that happened to you every day
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Random Acts of Kindness

Could you do any of these for 21 consecutive days?  Would it be worth it just to be more positive in your view of the world?  Do you think it would stick?

If you've got 12 minutes, here's the link to his talk...

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  1. heather, aka prettyneatoMarch 7, 2012 at 8:53 AM

    I should really try some of these! I have my daughter journaling a positive thought daily because she was having a tough time at school with some lazy teachers and it was making her take that frustration into her other classes. It's been working (she is 10 school days in) - she even found a positive thing to say about the original lazy teacher!