Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Tonight my daughter turned her sippy cup upside down and poured milk all over her head and face.

And I was simply too tired to do anything about it. I just sat quietly staring at her, thinking about the spa where they charge $150 for basically the same thing and call it a facial or something. Here she was doing it for the cost of a disposable sippy cup and a few ounces of milk and dare I say, much happier than I would be after parting with $150 for an alleged relaxing experience.

I am tired. Bone tired. Mentally exhausted. Physically feeling 'meh'. And maybe a touch grumpy. Maybe.

And then...the sweet angel doesn't want to go to sleep. She wants to play crib gymnastics where she pops up like a little jack-in-the box and giggles. I truly felt myself channeling my own mom while saying, "Lay down and go to sleep. It's night-night time.". I totally expected to hear, "I mean it! Right now!" come out of my mouth.

Eventually, she stopped her pop up routine and went off to dreamland. I'm hoping to do the same and recharge my batteries.

Night-night. I mean it!


  1. Hilarious!! I honestly have done this myself with my kids at times where I just didn't have the energy to deal with it. And like you said it's a milk bath minus the spa prices. Love it!!

  2. Ahh yes. Where is that mysterious well of energy?