Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday-Night Blues

I don't have a case of the Mondays.  I have a case of the Sunday Nights.  Sunday nights are always a let-down of sorts.  I spent the weekend relaxing, enjoying early morning breakfast with the kiddo, lounging around in my pajamas drinking coffee, going to the park to play on the swings.

Then blammo.  It's Sunday evening and I'm back in work mode.  I've caught up on my email, reviewed my calendar and made a preliminary to-do list to tackle starting tomorrow.  Strangely enough, Monday will be just fine.  It's the busiest day of the week for me, but it will be fine.

On Sunday night though, I worry about what all I need to get done during the week.  I worry about day care drop-off and pick-up coordination.  I worry about having all the laundry done.  I worry about having enough milk to make it through the week.  This Sunday night anxiety lasts just a few hours.  Just until I feel like I'm ready to handle whatever the week throws my way.  I don't dread going to work.  In fact, I really like my work and the people I work with.  It's the anxiety of transitioning from personal life to work life that ramps me up before I wind down.

I did a little Googling about "Sunday-night blues" and found that it's quite common, and has been ever since society moved to a 5-day workweek.  The solutions?  Get organized, plan something fun, find a new job.  Really?  Find a new job?  Doesn't that seem a little extreme?  Won't the next job have some sort of weekend days off and a Monday?  I think I will just stick with recognizing Sunday night for what it is...a transition from the relaxing personal life to the ramped-up working life.  The nice thing is, there's always the happiness of Thursday night.

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