Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where to Go?

I love to travel, but take very few vacations.  This is something I would like to change.  Did you know that American workers leave an average of 2 days of unused vacation totaling around $34.3 billion on the table each year?  The economy is shouldering the blame as most people are opting to stay home and save money in these uncertain times.

I'm not unlike most Americans.  I have reached the max limit of how much vacation I can accrue at work. We haven't taken a vacation since 2009 when we went to Vegas for a few days.  The last big vacation was a trip to Ireland in 2008.

I'm itching to take real vacation this year.  I loved Ireland and would love to go back.  I also want to visit Italy, Germany, Prague, Moscow, New Zealand...the list goes on.  While I am planning this trip, I've searched for pictures of the places I'd like to visit.  National Geographic always has beautiful images that inspire my travel longings.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

The Irish countryside was so peaceful.
I'll admit it...Under the Tuscan Sun sparked my interest to make a trip to Tuscany.  Isn't it beautiful?
Oktoberfest in Munich?  Why not?!
History, culture and color in Moscow.


  1. I lived in central Germany for a few years....I am sure things have changed since then but could certainly recommend a few places!

  2. Where did you live? i would love to hear your suggestions!