Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First-Time Blogger, Long-Time Reader

I may not be very good at this. I tend to over think, well…everything, and this was no exception. Google and I are old friends so naturally I went there to research blogging. Apparently I’m supposed to carefully consider what my blog is going to be about, create an effective blog description to ‘increase traffic’, come up with a catchy title, and basically be way more interesting than I really am.
Let me start off by saying what this blog is not about. It’s not about crafting, cooking, baking, photography, parenting, traveling, social media, parenting tips, cleaning tips, style, politics, making money or any particular social agenda. If you’re looking for those things, might I suggest a Google or Bing search or perhaps the latest episode of Today. The reason I don’t write about those things is because I am basically useless at all of those things. I read other people’s blogs to figure out how to do them. If you come here for that, you’re going to be really disappointed.
So what does that leave me? Well, I’m 40, have a one-year old daughter, work in public service, married to another public servant, working on a master’s degree, like to read a lot, below-average athlete/above-average couch potato, have great friends, talented co-workers and awesome family. There has to be something good in there to blog about, right?
Look, this thing doesn’t even have title yet and a sketchy blog description, so the only place I have to go from here is up.

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