Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Pain, No....

No waddling like a duck.
No pulling myself up from a seated position by holding on to any stationary object.
No dirty hair because I can't raise my arms over my head.
No four-letter words mumbled with every step I take up and down the stairs.

Oh wait. It's supposed to be "No Pain, No Gain." Right.

I've joined this CrossFit craze going on. And yesterday I met "Cindy". I won't go on about the "box" or "WODs" or CrossFit in general. You can Google it and find information for days.

No, today I just want to complain about how sore I am. And how silly I must look just trying to get in and out of my truck.

Seriously, why must I be this sore? Obviously it's the months I have spent just dabbling in exercise. A jog now and then here, hot yoga occasionally. I haven't exactly been "fit".

So let this be a cautionary tale to all you youngun's. Take care of your bodies consistently. Not just for a New Year resolution or wedding or reunion or whatever occasion. Because when you are 41 and trying catch up, it hurts. And you walk like a duck.

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